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The internet has created so many new pathways for innovation and continues to open new ways to drive revenue in mysterious ways. Whether that be influences or social media or just the ever-increasing plethora of online businesses, for just about any need you can think about today. Over the past few years, there has been a new craze called NFTs, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, especially in late 2020 and into 2021. So what are NFTs and why should you care about them? Before you proceed, I’m assuming you have a basic understanding of how the blockchain works. If not…

Can they replace your laptop in 2021?

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I have always admired the potential the iPad has had especially when it was first released several years ago. The thought of having a mobile handheld with a decent size screen that can allow me to watch movies, answer emails, play games and get some office productivity done was a huge selling point for me. As somebody who had grown up always working with some form of analytical toolkit and programming interface, I always wondered whether the iPad could eventually become a true replacement for laptops. I always felt there was some form of limitation despite my best efforts to…

OpenCV Simplified and Explained

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There is no doubt that facial recognition has certainly become a hot and now mainstream topic within the field of data science, but it also comes with its fair share of controversy given privacy concerns. However, this technology is becoming more prevalent whether it is used to unlock your phone with your face or detect people and/or images for security reasons such as your security cameras. In this article I want to take the concept a step further and that is whether you can actually train technology to recognize the face of a dog.

The applicability is very limited but…

Build Your Own Bill Paying Bot

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It’s no surprise that we all lead extremely busy lives, and some automation can go a long way in helping us simplify some of the mundane tasks that we tend to put aside for “later”. I’m guilty, I may get a bill in the mail or online and intend to pay it right away but with working from home and having three small children at home during the pandemic, it’s not always at the top of mind. …

It’s Time to Crush Misinformation

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If there is one thing the coronavirus has taught me, that is nobody is safe from this dangerous virus. It multiplies exponentially in certain parts of the world leaving us concerned and scared for the physical well being of our loved ones and ourselves. Though have you taken a moment to stop and think how misinformation may impact you? The decisions you make based on that data? As a matter of fact, false news has a 70% higher likelihood of spreading or “go viral” [1]. Imagine some of the decisions’ that were made based on this fake viral news. …

What is Blockchain? How Does it Work? Here is a Practical Supply Chain Explanation

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What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology has become a game changer in the last few years with the rise of crypto giants such as bitcoin, ethereum and others. It is being used to develop numerous applications, and the creation of cryptocurrencies is just one of them. It uses cryptography, that creates a decentralized network of blocks that house a copy of the blockchain ledger and is visible to the public. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others are based on blockchain technology, with strong encryption software that almost guarantees that no one will ever be able to delete or modify a block. …


Here is the Root Cause and the Fix

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The digital world is in constant flux, and as we move through this ever-changing landscape, we use data to make data that fuel business decisions. The concept of big data has moved from a simple buzzword to the forefront of many organizational strategies. Data is generated by digital processes, systems, gadgets, and sensors all of which can be interconnected to drive insights that we didn't think were possible a decade ago. This enables companies to create new business opportunities, generate more revenue, predict future trends, optimize ongoing operational efforts, and gain actionable insights. …

Getting Started

A View into Why Sentiment Analysis Needs to Understand How We Think Before it Can Tell us How we Feel

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So you’ve been pouring hours and hours into developing hot marketing content or writing your next big article (kind of like this one) and want to convey a certain emotion to your audience. You want to know whether your content is going to resonate with your audience and draw a particular feeling whether that be joy, anger, sadness all to understand how different people react to your content.

Text analytics, more specifically sentiment analysis isn’t a new concept by any means, however it too has gone through several iterations of models that have gotten better over time. First we started…

Machine learning and AI have been a dominant skill for years and organizations understand is a requirement to be competitive, especially in 2021 to help scale their business. Machine learning can help in various capacities including deep analytics, pattern recognition, natural language processing, automation, and much more. Now take these powerful skillsets and combine them with programming and yet another powerful skill, cloud computing, and you have somewhat of a unicorn for business scalability

For decades we have relied on spreadsheets to serve as our analytics platforms while we bring in analytically minded people who could ingest and manipulate datasets…

A View into Blind Machine Learning

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Digital product development is fueled by data and analytics strategies that have become integral for a business to scale their operations and meet the rising demand from their customers. Included in these rising demands are privacy controls around data and how customer data is managed. On the flip side these organizations that hold all this data are in a dilemma and that is how can they leverage this data to further develop data driven solutions in an environment where customers want to limit how their data is used.

The rise of policies such as GDPR in Europe, Brexit in the…

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Sats is a data and analytics business executive. He enjoys teaching coding and analytics modelling. Follow him on youtube here —

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